Know Baby Weight 8 Months

What is the ideal body weight for an 8 month baby? That question will arise in the minds of parents who have been caring for their babies up to age over 6 months. Parents will feel anxious if the baby is under normal weight. The baby's weight gain is an indication for parents whether their baby is developing well or not. Baby's weight is an important factor for growth and development. If the baby is underweight or even excess, it can indicate a problem in the body of the Little One. Based on the growth curve created by the world health agency, WHO, the weight of an 8-month-old baby boy ranged from 6.9-10.7 kg, with an average ideal weight of 8.6 kg. While the weight of a baby girl is about 6.3-10 kg, with an ideal weight of 8 kg. Causes 8-Month Babies Have Less Weight Although at birth the baby has a normal weight, but not necessarily the next growth in baby's weight will be normal according to its growth. The growth of infants in the age range 1-6 months is fairly fa
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